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Heads and Tails


Image of Heads and Tails
  • Image of Heads and Tails
  • Image of Heads and Tails
  • Image of Heads and Tails

A tiger, a kangaroo, a rabbit, a goldfish and more are revealed as we turn the page and discover! At first we can only see their tails. Some clear, simple clues add detail as we learn more about each one. Now, can you guess the animal that each tail belongs to?

Heads and Tails is an artistic masterpiece. A visually beautiful book, filled with detailed pictures and lots of describing words that will help involve children in conversation about the story. Each page shows the tail of an animal along with clever, cryptic clues to help engage the readers as detectives to solve the question, which animal is next? Turn the page and see if you are right! The Little Big Book Club
“Cantry has produced a beautiful and thoughtful book, both in the writing and illustrations. He uses language that is both appealing in sound and specificity. The pictures are superb watercolours of the animals, without other distractions on the page, showcasing the important features of the animals.” Reading Time

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