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71 Sheep try soccer


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  • Image of 71 Sheep try soccer
  • Image of 71 Sheep try soccer

Sheep aren't exactly known for their organisational skills, so when 71 sheep arrange a game of soccer, things are always going to get interesting. When their ball gets stuck in a tree, how will all the sheep cooperate to retrieve it? And when an unexpected danger presents itself, how will the sheep organise themselves to stay safe....and finish their game of soccer?

71 Sheep try soccer shows young readers how unexpected challenges can be overcome through imagination and cooperation.

"The playful story will appeal to young readers as they follow the flock's intriguing and elaborate plans to retrieve the ball and team mate, and evade the wolf". Kids Book Review
"71 Sheep try soccer is a fun, problem solving story that allows imaginations to flow". The Little Big Book Club
"This is one of those quirky, way-out books that gets the children’s minds working. They’ll love the illustrations by renowned Spanish illustrator Guridi, as they are so clever and comical. They’ll want to turn the pages of this book again and again – and then again – just like I have." Good Reading
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"It's a fun way to explore the concept of cooperation as the sheep reveal that working together and using our minds and imaginations are often the best way to overcome the unexpected challenges of life." --Kids' Book Review .

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