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Chihiro Takeuchi creates another original and innovative book with her intricate paper-cut artwork.

In COLOURS, children will explore a world of animals and things both familiar and new. Seek and find a red fire truck, a green alligator or a black cat - there are new surprises on each page. Hours of fun and engagement for children of all ages.

Other books by Chihiro Takeuchi Animals . ABC Alphabet , Whose Bones?
",,,a superb example of a board book with a clever kind of built-in layering. At its simplest, it presents basic hues (green, red, orange) that appear through peek-a-boo windows cut in uncomplicated, easily traced shapes (leaf, apple, pumpkin). Each field of color, however, also contains tiny camouflaged figures. Hunting for them—helped along by cues written for parents (“Can you find . . . 3 seahorses?”)—toddlers will practice the important skill of visual discrimination.” Wall Street Journal
"Appropriately difficult for this age group, this board book gives youngsters excellent practice with figure-ground perception". School Library Journal
"Takeuchi has created a beautiful and stimulating book for small readers aged 3 and up." Readings
"Every page is delightful and detailed, offering timeless fun for babies and toddlers. It's a stylish and striking way for children to learn their colours, numbers and an array of gorgeous animals and objects." Kids Book Review
"This book is an absolute beauty, and we adore its interactive nature! If you have a child who loves seek and find books, this is the perfect color book for you! Not only is the book stunning, with its intricate die cut pages and graphic design images on every page, but it encourages children to count, too! This is an innovative gem, and we love the animal version as well, which is on our list of best board books." Happily Ever Elephants

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