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Sneaky Shadows


Image of Sneaky Shadows
  • Image of Sneaky Shadows
  • Image of Sneaky Shadows
  • Image of Sneaky Shadows
  • Image of Sneaky Shadows
Sneaky Shadows uniquely showcases the limitless possibilities of shadow-casting in a book of imagination and absurd misdirection. Its humour, pace and timing will have young audiences on their toes with anticipation, as the bizarre scenarios of author SC Manchild unfold. Sneaky Shadows is cheeky, laugh-out-loud fun that enjoys repeat reading from children (and parents) of all ages.
"This witty, playful book will delight young children and amuse older people sharing it with them... Sneaky Shadows has several appealing aspects: the clever illustrations, the way it invites active participation and stretches the imagination, the humour and sense of fun communicated in words and images." Magpies Magazine
"Kids will love trying to guess what the shadows really are and will be delighted when the authors out-silly them every time. " Readings
"Sneaky Shadows is a cheeky and uniquely creative picture book with plenty of repetitive, read aloud text to engage reluctant readers. " Reading Time
"Melbourne based author, Manchild has teamed with Glaswegian illustrator Caldwell to produce a book which will delight and amuse as children work out how each shadow is made. From the endpapers, readers' imaginations will have been stirred, seeing the different shadows made by the two penguins." Read Plus
"Sneaky Shadows is enormous fun and will inspire children to create their own pictures." Joy Lawn