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All in a day


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Learning to read time has never been so much fun!

Follow the comings and goings of everyone who lives and works in the same building and enjoy the interactive search-and-find as we see what happens throughout the day.

Look in the windows and track each character's journey over the course of a day. And we can't forget what happens when (almost) everyone is sleeping.

Chihiro's detailed, kid-friendly paper cut artwork engages readers and includes them in her work. Here, she smartly focuses on what happens on the hour, which is the way children are first introduced to the concept of reading clocks.

“There is so much to see and to adore within these pages. The story is interactive with ‘can you find’ challenges on each page, encouraging the reader to notice changes throughout the day. Even the pages where most are asleep are thoughtful and beautiful.” Reading Time, Children’s Book Council of Australia, October 2022
"Chihiro's detailed, paper cut artwork instantly engages readers. With their attention focusing on the hour and what happens at that time of the day, the reader learns about the significance of that hour of each day, learning to tell the time along the way. Berbay’s mantra, ‘Clever books for curious kids’ shines out in this unique picture book." ReadPlus
"This delightful Australian import, a seek-and-find challenge teeming with details, invites kids to observe activities occurring at various hours from morning to night in an apartment building that includes a bakery, a barbershop, and several residences...This book won’t disappoint: Savoring small details is fun and a terrific way to sharpen visual literacy". Kirkus Reviews
"With the most exquisitely detailed paper cut images, this picture book is a feast for your eyes! Follow the families and businesses in the clocktower building as they move through their day. There are simple things to find on every page, but it is the intricacies that will add layers to the story with each reading. Wonderful!" Kids Reading Guide
"Author and illustrator Chihiro Takeuchi has created a charming, interactive picture book that both listeners and those who read to them will love. Every spread moves readers through the day with the clock and with the change in light and the movement of people. Each spread also asks listeners to find and sometimes count various items in the illustrations. This is a sweet and fun book." San Francisco Book Review