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  • Image of Gus
  • Image of Gus
  • Image of Gus

Gus is the star at the local zoo. He enjoys putting on a show for visitors, and no one adores seeing Gus more than his friend Edward. They don’t just share a bond; they share a birthday. So, Edward decides to become a zookeeper, looking after all of the reptiles, but especially Gus. Over the years, they spend every birthday together, but one day Edward doesn’t show up for their shared celebration. Naturally, Gus decides to leave the zoo to find him.

"Gus so beautifully illustrates to every reader - both young and old - how friendship is an essential part of life, regardless of age. Gus shows us how over time, friendships can grow, evolve and adapt, but have no less meaning or value to us, whether we are very young, or very very old. A celebration of how much having people who care about each others means, both between the ages and through the ages.” Dr Stephanie Ward
"This warm hearted story will encourage readers to think about an array of things, friendship and how people age, but some eager readers will want to know about crocodiles as well." Highly Recommended ReadPlus
"This story carefully explores aging and its impacts on relationships and life’s events. The story captures the emotion of aging friendships but has an uplifting ending." CBCA Reading Time
"Children aged 3+ will enjoy this heart-warming story about the importance and joy of friendship through all ages and stages in life". Magpies Magazine

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