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Tish is the story of a lovable imaginary friend who is looking for his place in the world and finds it through his companionship with three different children who need him. It’s a story of friendship, goodbyes and longing, and a tale of having the confidence to believe.

"A poignant, enchanting tale of an imaginary friend who develops an imagination of his own." Kirkus Reviews
"An imaginative, well-written story." Books and Publishing
"Tish has strong themes of friendship, saying goodbye and having the confidence to believe in yourself and your role in the world. It is one of those books that will stay in the reader’s heart forever, for we all, young and old, once had an imaginary friend as powerful as Tish in our lives. A highly recommended text for readers aged 7 – 12." Reading Time
"Tish by Edwina Wyatt is a delightful, bitter-sweet story about the qualities of friendship, of searching, finding, saying goodbye and hello and learning to know oneself... A beautiful tale. Highly recommended." ReadPlus
“You have heard of hygge, this is the book version and you need it in your life, library bookshelf stat! In true Edwina style, it is magical and fantastical, full of otherworldly goodness that we simply devoured every word on the page. The illustrations are truly exquisite and full of the whimsy captured by Edwina! A very, very beautiful book. All Edwina Wyatt’s books are magnificent – Middle Grade Mavens
“Edwina Wyatt is one of my favourite authors…Tish is a gorgeous story about imaginary friends with a bitter sweet feeling to it. That universal story of needing to be loved and have friends, and finding new friends, and saying goodbye to old friends. It’s absolutely beautiful, gentle and heart-warming and highly, highly recommended reading. Beautiful read aloud for 7 – 10 year olds.” Megan Daley (Episode 7, Your Kid’s Next Read Podcast)

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