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Say Hello?


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  • Image of Say Hello?
  • Image of Say Hello?

Hello! It seems so easy to say, but what happens if you miss the chance to greet someone and then keep seeing that same person again and again.

In this light-hearted, humorous story, Korean author Sung Mi Kim tells a story of increasingly awkward encounters between Mr Wolf and Little Fox and shows readers how saying hello right from the beginning could have made all the difference.

"For shy children, or anyone apprehensive when navigating new situations, this picture book about missed opportunities to greet one another is a must. Through her masterly use of evasive language and negative space, Kim whimsically exhorts us to connect." New York Times
"...a fun and original choice for role-play and sparking conversations about feeling shy, meeting new people and (mis) understanding each other." Worldkidlit
"... perfect choice for dramatic read-alouds and role-playing to help children empathize with others and polish their social graces." Kirkus Reviews
"This comedy of errors is a familiar and relatable story. The inner thoughts of the two characters as they assume the worst about each other are so funny, accentuated by their facial expressions. The author does a great job conveying these inner snarky thoughts and assumptions. This must be a great translation, because the language feels natural and current." Youth Services Book Review
"It’s about that moment. It’s about when we walk and see someone and decide not to say hello. We might be distracted. We might feel embarrassed. This book thinks deeply about the missed opportunity." A Fuse #8 Production Blog Betsy Bird
:...this book provides a great opportunity to look at the impact of people’s actions in a non-didactic and curious manner." Children's Book Council of Australia Reading Time
"...a powerful reminder that often we misinterpret situations and actions, and this can lead to misunderstandings and estrangement. The detailed illustrations in this story are cleverly drawn. The use of black and white outlines with bold tones for the two main characters will appeal to readers of all ages." ReadPlus

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