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Can You Find My Robot's Arm?


Image of Can You Find My Robot's Arm?
  • Image of Can You Find My Robot's Arm?
  • Image of Can You Find My Robot's Arm?
  • Image of Can You Find My Robot's Arm?
  • Image of Can You Find My Robot's Arm?

One morning, poor robot wakes up to find he is missing an arm. He and his robot friend search inside and outside the house, through a garden, an amusement park, a library and even a candy shop, but it’s nowhere to be found. Where can the arm be, and what might make a suitable replacement?


"A one-armed robot and his mini-bot friend search high and low for his missing appendage in this charming, funny cut-paper picture book. . . . Young readers will pore over the intricately detailed paper illustrations." --STARRED REVIEW, Shelf Awareness

"Takeuchi manages to transform a series of silhouettes into something quite impressively sprawling, dreamy and tender. . . . One can imagine the page being set in motion and almost hear the mechanical whirr underscore the story." --Globe and Mail

"Takeuchi’s cut paper illustrations make the silly, inventive best of angles, lines, and geometric shapes in both mechanical and natural worlds. . . . Bear[s] out hours of looking and looking again." --Toronto Star

"Takeuchi's miniature robotic world is a joy to explore. Her original, illustrative style . . . sparks the imagination. An entertaining, interactive adventure from cover to cover. Highly recommended." --CM Magazine

"A robo-pleaser." --Kirkus Reviews

"Children will enjoy studying the intricate cut-paper illustrations depicting the friends' humorous search." --The Buffalo News

“Give your child an early introduction to STEM with this mechanical tale. . . . Children will not even realize they are learning since they will find the story so amusing.” --Village Living

"A monochrome masterpiece, and a triumph in storytelling, perfect for one-on-one sharing." -- School Library Journal

"[T]his beautiful book will stand out both on the shelf and in the eyes of any young reader. . . . 4/5." --Tulsa Book Review

"Kids will love the silliness of the replacement-arm offerings in this book. They will also adore (along with adults) the paper-cut-style imagery with its super cool detail.

A fabulous book for babies and toddlers, thanks to the sensational high-contrast pages." --Kids Book Review

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