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Ella Farmoodle

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If you live in the city you might see oodles of
poodles, Labradoodles, Spoodles, Cavoodles, Groodles... all kinds of Poodles. If you go for a trip to the countryside, you might be lucky enough to meet Ella Farmoodle... a very smart poodle, with her
very own farm!

Ella Farmoodle is in charge of the farm animals, and it’s up to her to make sure everyone is fed and kept safe. It’s a lot of responsibility for a pup, but Ella is more than up for the job in this joyous celebration of life on the farm.

"This is a lovely story, with the illustrations beautifully supporting the narrative. It captures the hard work that is required on the farm with the friendship that Ella has with the animals." ReadPlus Highly Recommended
"The book also celebrates both the serenity and activity of farm life. Exploring themes of hard work and responsibility, and protecting loved ones, it honours farmers and their tireless efforts in running working farms. Ella Farmoodle is an excellent resource for classrooms and libraries, highlighting the beauty of life on a farm through the eyes of a smart, friendly and energetic poodle, fast becoming the heart of Australian family life." CBCA Reading Time