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Ernie's Journey


Image of Ernie's Journey
  • Image of Ernie's Journey
  • Image of Ernie's Journey
  • Image of Ernie's Journey
  • Image of Ernie's Journey

Uncle Ernie is a daring adventurer and an enchanting storyteller. He travels to far-off places, where he encounters wondrous and sometimes very rare creatures.

Are these places real? Are the creatures he meets real? It's up to you and his nephew Eli to decide.

All Uncle Ernie can say for sure is that when you travel, sometimes you reason and sometimes you run. But you always end up with a story to tell.

"David Woodland’s debut picture book is unmistakably influenced by his award-winning cinematic background. Its visual detail and narrative novelty are rich, and the absurd adventures of its eponymous character (a turtle, by the way) are as audacious and playful as any stories its audience of young children might produce."

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"...a gentle and affirming yet enthralling tale." Magpies Magazine
"This delightful tale of the power of storytelling, of imagination and creativity will be a hit read aloud to younger children. They will delight in the unusual creatures and machines Uncle Ernie meets, the adventures he has, the problems he solves." ReadPlus
"A delightful book for sharing with young readers through to secondary years. When paired with other books about journeys - whether real or imagined - storytelling techniques, learning about life and so on, it provides an excellent basis for intertextual analysis with older students." SAETA

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