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Nobody Owns The Moon


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  • Image of Nobody Owns The Moon

Clive Prendergast lives successfully in the city, in a one-room apartment in a busy part of town. Humphrey who works odd jobs and doesn’t always have a fixed address. "Nobody Owns the Moon" is the story of their friendship. This modern classic picture book is timeless in its tale of belonging and community.

"Nobody Owns the Moon" is 10 years old. Tohby Riddle’s award winning picture book is one Australia’s most highly acclaimed and best loved children’s book and a must for every child’s book shelf.

"Respectful of children’s intelligence, the book presents topics such as friendship, acceptance, belonging, and otherness that will challenge them to think further. " Kirkus STARRED REVIEW
"A fine story of friendship, differences, and urban living evolves, highly recommended for its unique approaches to all these themes." Midwest Book Review
Quirky, endlessly fascinating, Riddle always presents a challenge to his readers, making them think outside the box, muse on what makes us human, and look at one of the basic tenets of our existence, the companionship of others." ReadPlus
"Nobody Owns the Moon is a standout classic for all ages, a masterly tale of friendship and dignity that fits perfectly into any hand, paw or hoof." Shaun Tan
"A brilliant example of how satisfying, clever and artful the picture book form can be”. The Age
"Tohby Riddle’s Nobody Owns the Moon (Berbay Publishing) is nothing short of spectacular... I don’t want to spoil it. But let’s just say that Riddle spins a graceful, subtle, and very moving point here about belonging and, to steal a word from Shaun Tan (whose blurb is on the book’s back cover), dignity." Seven Impossible Things Before Christmas
"A touching, multi-level story that will enchant and impact readers, Nobody Owns the Moon will become a favorite and is a must for home, classroom, school, and public library collections." Celebrate Picture Books

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