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Norton and the Borrowing Bear


Image of Norton and the Borrowing Bear
  • Image of Norton and the Borrowing Bear
  • Image of Norton and the Borrowing Bear
  • Image of Norton and the Borrowing Bear
  • Image of Norton and the Borrowing Bear

Wouldn't it be fun to have a friend living right next door to you? Well, as Norton discovers, it can certainly pose some challenges when that friend wants to borrow all your favourite things.

This is a story about setting limits and learning to accept your friends, flaws and all.

"...delightfully detailed pastel drawings create a quaint modern urban neighborhood filled with animals and diverse humans. The images effectively show Norton’s escalating frustration and capture the bear’s misguided attempts at friendship and sincere apology; readers who have been in Norton’s or the bear’s shoes will emerge enlightened. A sound lesson in making friends—and setting boundaries." Kirkus Reviews
"There are laugh-out-loud funny details on every page that will have the youngest of listeners fully engaged in this funny book. It will quickly become a favorite and will have kids shouting, 'Read it again!'" Five stars San Francisco Book Review

“This enchanting story is a fabulous tale of learning to set boundaries in friendships and a must-have for the early childhood collection.” Magpies Magazine
"Norton and the Borrowing Bear is a picture book for everyone. Children aged three and up, existing fans of Evans’s, and those yet to be enchanted by his work will be thrilled with this book." Books and Publishing
"Gabriel Evans tells this touching story so simply and honestly and, as always, his beautiful and unique illustrations will touch all children’s hearts and ours." Good Reading
"Younger readers will love hearing this story read aloud and looking at the detailed illustrations. A perfect addition to any home, school or public library. Highly Recommended." Age 3+ ReadPlus
“Beautifully illustrated by this award-winning author/artist with some lovely, detailed drawings that capture perfectly the changing expressions of Norton and the bear. The endpapers depicting all the borrowed items are a delightful bonus… This book provides a valuable starting point for talking about borrowing, being polite, sensitive and considerate, and maintaining friendships.” CBCA Reading Time

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