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Shapes and Colours


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  • Image of Shapes and Colours
  • Image of Shapes and Colours
  • Image of Shapes and Colours

John Canty, the award-winning author/illustrator of the Heads and Tails series, introduces readers to a multi-tiered new concept book about shape and colour sorting and object identification.

All the colours of a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are explored in this look-and-guess book.

With fresh and appealing illustrations and a striking design, this is a future classic for modern kids.

"A stellar concept title and a fine choice for both one-on-one and group sharing." STARRED REVIEW Kirkus
"Colors so vibrant that they glisten, and easy to identify shapes make this a wonderful book about colors...A perfect book for talking about color." Youth Services Book Review
"This is an imaginative way of introducing different colours and shapes and is a book that will prove to be a keeper and one that may well be treasured and handed down to the next generation." Read Plus
"Unlock a rainbow of colour for toddlers in this bright book that helps build spatial awareness and memory development, too... It's a fun guessing game concept that youngsters can thumb through by themselves, even without being able to read." Weekend Herald Sun
"The concept is deceptively simple but this picture book is a standout and will help children enjoy recognising the colours of the rainbow and the living creatures and inanimate objects often found in those colours." Joy Lawn
"Its multi-tiered format introduces young readers to the colours of the rainbow, and challenges children to identify various objects from their silhouettes, including animals, plants, food, vehicles, household objects and more...From the glossy cover, readers know they are in for a visual treat." CBCA Reading Time
"John Canty offers a fresh spin on the concept book with his new work that introduces shapes and colours in a fun and modern way....An award-winning creator of picture books, Canty's HEADS AND TAILS series has received much praise and SHAPES AND COLOURS again showcases his unique style and absorbing illustration". Magpies Magazine

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