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The Artist


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‘The Artist likes to paint one picture before breakfast. When the world is quiet.’

This story is a celebration of childhood freedom, creativity and nature. It encourages readers to embrace their inner artist and see the details of their environment.

From the acclaimed author of Night Walk, this is beautiful and thoughtful book.

"There is no denying that this publication is a superior one...This gorgeous title reflects the freedom creativity and imagination can bring to a child. The peaceful atmosphere of this charming book is soothing. In reading it, I felt a strong sense of calm and great satisfaction. The images transported me to the sea, the dock, the rocks and the boat. I loved it for its total beauty. Kids Book Review
"This book celebrates the quiet yet fulfilling life of an artist, his relationship to his environment and his desire to paint. Binks’ words are assured and find a balance between dreamy imagery and a simplicity that grounds the text. Her watercolour illustrations are wonderful portrayals of both the artist’s environment, and his own watercolours." CBCA Reading Time
"The Artist is a captivating book about a young boy's artistic spirit and the natural world that inspires him. A beautifully rendered story, told with deep understanding and insight." Tohby Riddle
"...this visually impressive book celebrating and nurturing children's creativity". The Herald Sun